Our stainless steel swimming pools are delivered and installed with the following basic options:  

Depending on its dimensions, each pool has two skimmers with a water line less than two centimetres from the bottom of the surrounds. 
It will be equipped with inlet jets, two or three white LED lights and a main drain. 
A major asset: we provide handrails along the entire swimming pool for the safety and comfort of the swimmers. 
Each swimming pool is equipped with a sand-glass filtering system or efficient cartridge filters. The filtering system includes also a variable speed pump, which can save energy up to 75%. 
Our swimming pools are designed with high-quality materials. 
Each basin is delivered with a rolling shutter cover. 
Here is a list of additional options: 

  •  A 75 cm wide bench along the entire length of the pool can also be equipped with an air bubble massage system. 
  •  Stairs along the entire width of the swimming pool. 
  •  Solar sliver cells for the modern technology, anti-algue, tri-extrusion polycarbonate shutter. 
  •  A HYDROSTAR jetstream (www.hydrostar-binder.de), available with single or double high power turbines. The speed is adaptable or programmable in accordance with the swimmer’s needs. 
  •  A DINOTEC REDOX and pH control automatic regulation system. 
  •  In addition to the disinfection system, we provide a UV lamp to reduce chlorine consumption and remove chloramines. 
  •  A complete range of heat pumps is available depending on the customer’s needs. 
  •  A heat exchanger for a connection to the boiler.