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Our traditional pools

Opt for a fully customizable traditional concrete pool for an unparalleled luxury experience.

A traditionally designed swimming pool must be built to the most rigorous standards in force, to guarantee a robust structure and avoid problems of stability, cracking and solidity.

In every project, we take charge of design, project management and site supervision in-house. We have the necessary experience to collaborate effectively with other players, such as architects, stability engineers, etc., to ensure that we deliver a project that fully satisfies our customers.

Pool construction process

Choice of construction technique :

  • Concrete wall construction: This method involves integrating the elements to be sealed into formwork previously reinforced in accordance with engineering plans.
  • Concrete tank made from hollow blocks reinforced with steel bars, creating a solid structure.
  • Formwork blocks: These hollow blocks serve as formwork and are reinforced with rebar. They are heavier than traditional concrete blocks and offer a robust structure that withstands the pressure of the ground outside and the water inside the pool. Stepoc blocks enable you to customize the shape of the pool you want, and build it quickly.
  • Shotcrete pool: In this process, concrete is sprayed at high pressure using a compressed-air lance, adhering to the reinforcement previously installed for the pool. The advantage of this method is that it's fast, and can be used to apply a variety of coatings. The result is a solid tank with very little risk of cracking.
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Laying the waterproofing

The next crucial step in the construction process is the installation of the tank seal, which requires great precision and care.

First of all, you need to ensure that the walls are smooth, using suitable, pool-tight cementing compounds.

We use semi-elastic products with reinforcing fibers to guarantee a perfect seal above the cement.

All pipes are subjected to repeated pressure tests.

A watertightness test with tiles is carried out to guarantee that the pool is watertight (water test in the pool for a period of 8 days).


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