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Our stainless steel pools

The stainless steel pool is a noble, high-quality, luxury product

The stainless steel pool is a top-of-the-range product, imbued with nobility and quality, offering a luxurious character. The water in this pool changes color according to the hues of the sky. The water's shimmering reflections are enhanced by the sun's rays, creating an ever-changing palette of colors and luminosity throughout the day. Enhanced by a lighting system, it offers a surprising and enchanting spectacle.

Stainless steel, with its sobriety and timeless beauty, blends harmoniously into rustic or classic environments as well as resolutely modern gardens. Its versatility allows it to be harmoniously combined with a variety of materials such as natural stone, tiles, wood or other coverings, giving your pool a precious character.

Stainless steel pools are remarkably flexible in terms of size, depth and step configuration. It's a made-to-measure product, adaptable to your preferences.

L'acier inoxydable, en raison de sa pérennité, ne subit pas les altérations temporelles que connaissent la plupart des autres matériaux de construction de piscines.

Sustainability, ecology and hygiene

The use of stainless steel naturally guarantees superior hygiene in the pool. Gone are the problems of porous joints encountered in traditional mosaic or tiled pools!
What's more, stainless steel is environmentally friendly, requiring fewer disinfectants. Its perfectly smooth walls prevent algae from adhering.
Our stainless steel pools benefit from 5 cm of insulation on the bottom and walls, considerably reducing heat loss and lowering heating requirements.
In addition, walls exposed to the sun's rays contribute to heat production. We strongly recommend the installation of a solar shutter to cover the stainless steel pool, which significantly reduces energy consumption, while stainless steel offers a smooth surface that's comfortable for hands and feet. And thanks to the welded construction of stainless steel sheets, there's no water loss. Finally, stainless steel is 100% recyclable.

Stainless steel pools are synonymous with durability, and stainless steel is an extremely hard-wearing material, with a certain elasticity and flexibility that protects it from cracking, unlike concrete pools, for example. Stainless steel is ideal for use in cold climates, is impact-resistant and, like liners, is unlikely to crack.
One of its major assets is its infallible watertightness, eliminating any risk of leakage. What's more, the aesthetic appeal of stainless steel remains unchanged over time.

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Excellence & innovation with our stainless steel pools

Our stainless steel pools come with basic features, including two skimmers and a water line less than two centimeters from the coping, backflow nozzles, two to three white LED lights and a bottom drain.
A major element of safety and comfort for bathers is the presence of handrails along the entire length of the pool.

Each pool is equipped with a sand-glass filtration system or high-performance cartridge filters, accompanied by a variable-speed pump for energy savings of up to 75%. The materials used in our pools are of the highest quality, and each pool comes with a roller shutter-type cover.

In addition, we offer a range of complementary options, such as a 75 cm-wide bench across the entire width of the pool, equipped with a bubble massage system, stairs across the entire width of the pool, solar slats for the algae-resistant tri-extrusion polycarbonate cover, a HYDROSTAR counter-current swimming system (single or double turbine, with speed adaptable or programmable to the swimmer's needs), a DINOTEC-type automatic pH and REDOX control system, a UV lamp to reduce chlorine consumption and eliminate chloramines, as well as a complete range of heat pumps to suit the customer's needs, and a heat exchanger for connection to the boiler.

Advantages of our stainless steel pools

The stainless steel pool is an ideal solution for both new constructions and renovations, offering several advantages:

  • The construction work proceeds rapidly, almost as quickly as the construction of polyester monocoque pools.
  • Pool components are delivered in modular form, for easy access on site. They are assembled on site by experienced welders, requiring an average of one working day. Unlike traditional construction methods, this avoids the inevitable drying times for concrete, sealants, mosaics and joints.
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  • The design of stainless steel pools offers a wide range of dimensions, widths, lengths and depths, as well as an array of options. As a result, stainless steel pool construction sites generate less waste than conventional sites.
  • This type of pool can be installed on building roofs, as stainless steel weighs less than concrete.


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