How much does a stainless steel swimming pool cost?
The price of a stainless steel swimming pool is between that for a concrete liner pool and a mosaic or tiled pool.
How long does it take to install a stainless steel pool?
Once the earthwork is finished and the stainless steel pool elements are installed, and the welds and insulation completed, the rest will take between two and five days.
Are there rust or corrosion problems?
No. Our pools are made with 316 l steel which is fully compatible for use in swimming pools. Nevertheless, as with every pool, it is necessary to check and balance the water.
What is the lifecycle of a stainless steel swimming pool?
Stainless steel swimming pools age very well, because stainless steel is a lasting, inalterable material. Certain public and private pools were made some forty years ago and they are still in use.
Is a stainless steel pool easy to maintain?
Yes: as the walls are perfectly smooth, algae formation and clinging are reduced. Our stainless steel pools are equipped with a filtering system commensurate with their size and environment.